Hello. My name is Matthew A. Hausman.  I am currently travelling around the world, trying to work on different volunteer and service projects.  I am using this website to share stories of my experiences, as well as other thoughts about different aspects of life if anyone is so inclined to read….

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Current Update

Been a long time and a lot of travels since my last update.  After finishing in Morocco, I went to China to study Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple for about 4 weeks.  Then, I went to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year.  After that, I was in Kathmandu, Nepal working with a school in one of the poor outskirts of the city.  Then, it was off to India to celebrate the festival of colors: Holi.

Now, I just arrived in Nairobi, Kenya and will be working for a couple of weeks on an HIV/AIDS outreach program and then I’ll be working on an elephant/wildlife conservation program for two weeks after that.

About Me

I grew up on a farm outside of the small village of Pesotum, Illinois, USA.  I have been fortunate to live in a few different places (Boulder, Colorado; Cork, Ireland; Los Angeles, California; and Bogotá, Colombia) and have a few different careers (Aerospace Engineer; Teacher; Coach; Farming; Nonprofit Management).  But I’ve always been curious as to what more there is out in the world.

A few months ago, I decided to begin travelling around the world and try to work on different service projects.  This website is the collection of my ongoing experiences…



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