Hello. My name is Matthew A. Hausman.  I am currently travelling around the world, trying to work on different volunteer and service projects.  I am using this website to share stories of my experiences, as well as other thoughts about different aspects of life if anyone is so inclined to read….

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Current Update

After my travels through Patagonia, and then a base-camp ship expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula, I have traveled to the other side of the world.  I am now in New Zealand for a couple of days and will soon be in Australia to help out on a wildlife refuge.

About Me

I grew up on a farm outside of the small village of Pesotum, Illinois, USA.  I have been fortunate to live in a few different places (Boulder, Colorado; Cork, Ireland; Los Angeles, California; and Bogotá, Colombia) and have a few different careers (Aerospace Engineer; Teacher; Coach; Farming; Nonprofit Management).  But I’ve always been curious as to what more there is out in the world.

A few months ago, I decided to begin travelling around the world and try to work on different service projects.  This website is the collection of my ongoing experiences…


Into the Andes

The seeds of my visit to Peru were planted many years ago.  To start, from a young age I was fascinated by the stories of the Inca and the Spanish search for El Dorado and legendary cities of gold.  But aside from that, there was also a personal connection.  About 25 years ago, our local …

Amazon Adventure

After six months, and an extra week to see the Independence Day celebrations (which other than a parade, there pretty much weren’t any), my time in Colombia was done.  My next destination was technically Peru, but I had decided I did not want to go there directly.  Instead, I flew to Manaus, Brazil, where I …


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